Dräger viive
empowering rescue divers


MFA Advanced Product Design | Umeå Institute of Design | 2018 | Master thesis | 20 weeks individual project | in collaboration with Dräger Safety

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Rescue divers' main task is to salvage objects and dead people from waters. During their work, divers are exposed to an inhuman environment - there is no air, the sight is limited to only few centimeters and they are often surrounded by dangerous objects. Moreover, the access to information and communication to the team on shore is often compromised, even though it is crucial for a safe and successful dive.


Dräger viive is a student concept for a product family that extends rescue divers’ vision and provides greater protection.
The main component is a modular full-face diving mask that can be adapted to the user’s needs. Due to its small size, it is less disturbing than competing products. The most important information is displayed through an attachable head up display. A hood with integrated safety pads protects the diver’s head on missions. The diver’s vision is further enhanced by a LED-light that can be attached to the hand.

More to come later - stay tuned!

a holistic system of diving equipment

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