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My name is Aileen,

I'm from Germany and I recently graduated from the Master program in Advanced Product Design at the Umeå Institute of Design in Northern Sweden.
Therefore, I'm looking for a new challenge! If you need a new member in your design team or know someone that does, please get in touch!

I'm an Industrial and UX designer with a strong passion for tricky issues and problem solving.

I love to dive into unknown topics (during my last project on the topic "diving equipment" quite literally), so the work never gets boring. The physical and digital side of project are equally interesting to me. I find having a challenging task most important and like to create solutions that tackle the issue without limitations.
My strategic human-centered design approach allows me to create valuable products. I would describe myself as a pragmatic designer who is not afraid to try and fail - prototyping is one of my most valuable tools.

In my freetime

I work on various sideprojects, like coding my own website or doing illustrations for magazines.
I love sports and the outdoors, especially the sea and the mountains. Exploring new places is one of my passions, but since I cannot see all the place I'd like to visit immediately, I also explore the world via snail mail. Oh, and I love learning languages whenever I have time.

This is my first self-coded portfolio website

and still a work in progress. Since I'm constantly developing, this website is most probably going to stay a work in progress forever. Anyhow, feel free to send me your feedback or let me know if something is not working.



+46 70 545 92 23

Aileen Kassing
49584 Fürstenau